Поступление на грант в зарубежные ВУЗы

Погружение в языковую среду благодаря знакомству с культурой, традициями и достопримечательностями региона. Шанс посетить новую страну, пообщаться с носителями языка и расширить свое мировоззрение.

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Academia Guiu

✓ At Academia Guiu, they are qualified teachers, specialized in each subject, and very experienced in training students who need academic support at any level
✓ There you will be taught the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects, based on these contents and guiding the classes to the perfect realization of the university entry exams so that all the students can correctly perform the exams
✓All students who wish to enter the Spanish university after completing their secondary / baccalaureate studies and do not obtain a degree from the Spanish educational system must take the UNED selectivity test

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ESEI International Business School Barcelona

✓ ESEI International Business School is a boutique business community founded in 1989
✓ Our internationally focused education programs combine academic excellence in business studies with humanistic values that help our students build character
✓Our overarching objective is to instill personal and professional integrity in our students, so they can use their expertise to build a better society and lead meaningful lives

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Españolé International House

✓ The school is located in the historical “Palacio de los Fernández de Córdova” building deep in the heart of Valencia’s old town, in total it has 28 spacious classrooms with interactive whiteboards, natural light and air-conditioning and fully equipped for Spanish language lessons
✓ Student café, patio, terrace, sun loungers, BBQ, kitchen and free WI-FI. General Spanish (Intensive 20, Intensive 25, Intensive 30, Intensive Plus or Superintensive), Spanish for Business, exam preparation, as well as many specialized courses
✓Communicative-based teaching methods. Social programme with at least 4 free activities included per week: City tour, language workshop, paella cooking class and cultural visit

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    Образование в Испании

    Образование в Испании

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